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Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.The rationale behind this is posted at NaturePrecedings "Bioinformatics analysis of homologies between pathogen antigens, autoantigens and the CFTR cystic fibrosis protein: A role for immunoadsorption therapy?" Please cite this and the webpage: Thank you: Others like this can be found at this page


from the Kanehisa laboratories with thanks: Figures are subject to KEGG copyright conditions. Pathway Search Result : Click on "show all objects" for legends under figures .

Enhanced links to genes are provided by RED proteins are part of the CFTR interactome from pSTIING and Wang et al, 2006; Yellow are autoantigens reported in cystic fibrosis: Orange = both: Other genes are color coded by KEGG independently of these data

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Following object(s) was/were not found and some are reattributed below, based on Entrez Gene and NextBio data AHSA1 ARF4 ATP6V1A1 ATXN2L B3GNT9 :C6orf48 C8orf55 CCT5 CFL1R CSE1L DCLK1 EDG4 EPS8 FAM120A FCNA FKBP8 GNB2L1 GOPC GPIAP1 GRIP1 GRN Gnb2l1 HAX1 KIF3A KLC1 LIMA1 LIN7C LOC51337 LRRFIP2 MLP MMS19 MS4A5 MTAP4 NRIP3 PCDH15 PCDHB8 PCMT1 PDZK1 PKA PKC PLEKHA6 PPIB Ptges3 REPS1 RHOT1 RUVBL2 RYK SEPT11 SEPT3 SEPT6 SFXN3 SH3BGRL2 SHROOM3 SIGMAR1 SLC9A2 SQRDL SRA1 TCP1 TEX16 TMEM33 TMOD3 TRIM2 TRO TTC35 UNQ1922 XPNPEP3 kab

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