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Viral component of human proteins

EXAMPLES of mechanisms of action.

PolygenicBlog on the relations between genes, risk factors and autoimmunity


Examples of some of the viruses incorporated into the human genome

The Human genome/proteome reads from left to right and the coloured and black lines indicate degrees of homology of human proteins with the respective viruses. Individual BLAST data can be found from the numbers in the last grey column on this page

Firstly: The entire human genome, coding and non-coding appears to be composed of viral DNA: The example shows human chromosome 10 (128,985,118 nucleotides) (Chromosome 10 DNA vs translated viral proteomes BLAST). 119,857 hits from both RNA and DNA viruses were recorded.

See also this set of papers

Secondly: Different viruses appear to have been inserted at different times. Recent insertions are less fragmented and more homologous, but to fewer proteins

Older insertions are more fragmented, less homologous, but to many more proteins (translated viral genome vs human proteome BLAST).These short inserts may also represent partial insertion of viral DNA fragments





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